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Life Cycles
Music for Christ Consciousness

Music for Christ ConsciousnessLife Cycles

Also available by Padma Aon:
Song of Light
Rythmic Intelligence

Song of LightRythmic Intelligence

Nine Light Bodies Interview
with William Henry:
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    Padma Aon is a creative visionary, author and music producer creating palpable experiences of the soul for the 21st century.

    Welcome. Read, listen, watch, and enjoy.

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    Dimensions of Love: Mapping the Soul

    Interview with Author Padma Aon, by Chantal Nammour Baz

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    Dimensions of Love Interview with Simran Singh

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    Dimensions of Love

    Published by O Books

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    The soul's journey to God as described by Christ and the greatest mystics in history was of Seven Spheres or Dimensions of Love. Book Available NOW! Click here for more

    Sacred Wounds Original Innocence

    Read more about this book here

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    Also by Padma Aon:

    An anthology of loving wisdom shared by love soaked souls and masters across our beautiful planet throughout the ages. Each page shares quotes about the true meaning and feeling of humility, and how we can become more humble.

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    Nine Eyes of Light
    Padma holds the power of great change and transformation... part of the new generation of evolutionary guides."
    — Bestselling author Margot Anand

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    Christ Blueprint
    "A visionary of great depth and imagination."
    — NAB Books

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    Power of Shakti
    "Padma is a rare find. His ability to tap into the heart of the ancient mysteries and to articulate their modern day message to we humans is amazing."
    — Starwolf

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    Womb Wisdom
    "Unique, provocative, fresh, full of profound integrity, knowledge and experience."
    — Author Isha Lerner

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